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A Discussion About Equipment
Denon DN-4500 Dual DC Player
This is the primary CD player for the system.  It is a dual CD player which means I can cue one selection while another selection is playing.  I bring a second unit to the job as a backup
I typically bring four speakers to a job.  I play using two of the TOA's and keep the other two as spares.  Depending on the size of the hall and the amount of space I me given to set up in, these speakers may also be put on speaker stands.

There is a great deal of discussion today regarding using "Powered" speakers.  Powered speakers have have amplifiers built into them.  This means that you now have two amplifiers, one built into each speaker.  The problem I see with this is that if you blow an amp, then you lose both an amp and a speaker.  If you blow a speaker, you lose the speaker and the amp.

I may move over to powered speakers in the future.  When I do, I will buy four - two to use on the job and two as spares. 
Crown Powerbase 1
This Piece of equipment works just like the Denon DN-4500 except I am able to connect USB storage devices and play MP3's just like CD's.  Many DJ's choose to use a laptop, but I like a combination of this and CD's because laptops as we all know can be unpredictable.  If there is a hard drive crash, I carry spares and have the CD's as backup.  I bring a second USB hard drive device with me to all jobs as back up
​I discussed this on the home page, but I think it is worth repeating.

I work with state of the art, professional audio equipment. This includes top of the line, mixers, amplifiers, speakers and CD and MP3 players. This is not very difficult to do. While many DJ’s have their own preferences to brand and models, most equipment used today by any DJ is very high end and of a professional level.  

I, however, bring with me more than two full sets of equipment to every wedding and party. Equipment failure is very rare, but if any piece of equipment should fail during your party, I will be able make a quick recovery. This means that even if all of my equipment failed at the same time (this is not really possible), I could be up and running in about 10 minutes with a completely new system.

It is important that you ask a prospective DJ or Band what they have in place should there be some kind of equipment failure.
This is one of the most durable amplifiers in the business and especially good if you will be traveling around with the equipment.  I also bring a second amplifier to every job as a backup.
Behreringer VMX1000 Mixer
The mixer ties all of the inputs together including the micro phones.  With the Behringer, I get 7 line inputs and three microphone inputs.  I also am able to connect two amplifiers and four speakers for really big jobs.
Equipment does change from time to time.  I like to replace equipment every 3 to 5 years regardless of how it is functioning.  So, things do change, but below is list of what I am currently using.